Sunday, January 23, 2011

WOMEN'S NEEDS - Menstrual Cramping


I wanted to start a discussion on using essential oils for particular women's needs. Feel free to join in with any helpful ideas which you have implemented and have worked for you.


This past menstrual cycle, I began trying essential oils to ease the menstrual cramps.  I do not like to resort to using Motrin, Advil, or anything like that because typically I end up getting a rebound headache the next day.

I had Clary Sage, Lavender, and Peppermint oils on hand and decided to give those a try.  Geranium is also supposed to be excellent for treating menstrual cramps, but I did not have any of that on hand.  I’ve ordered some and will have it on hand next month.

My cramping was not too severe this month, and it eased quickly when I applied a few drops of the Clary Sage, Lavender, and Peppermint oils to my abdominal area.  They seemed to work very nicely, and I really enjoyed the warming feel of the Peppermint.

I tried these three oils with my daughter a few weeks ago when her cramping was very severe, and she kept telling me that the oils were not helping.  However, I continued to apply them a few times a day, during that first day, and the next day she was amazingly improved and did not suffer from severe cramping again the rest of that week. 

I am curious to continue experimenting with the oils next month and to also try the Geranium.  Would love to read the comments and experiences of others on this topic.


  1. WOW WOW!!! I have to begin this post with a double WOW! because I am so impressed by the results of using Cypress and Geranium for menstrual issues.

    For many years now, I've been experiencing shortening menstrual cycles and increased menstrual cramping. My cycles want to be on a 21 day rotation, with the bleeding lasting an entire week. This means I only have two weeks in between of no menstrual bleeding. A real bummer. If I am SUPER lucky, I may have a cycle once every six months that may be 24-25 days in length. But then, the pain is so severe, I would rather be on a 21 day cycle.

    This last cycle, I began experiencing the cramping signs of an oncoming period about day 17. Yikes!! I looked up and read in my Modern Essentials Guide ( that Geranium and Cypress are helpful for painful menstruation and also for heavy and/or long menstrual bleeding.

    So on that day 17, when I felt the oncoming signs of my period, I began applying a drop of Geranium and a drop of Cypress to my lower abdomen. Immediately, the oils soothed any cramping and kept it away. I continued applying the oils each day. I arrived at Day 21 and my period did not arrive and I was without any cramping. At this time, I began using the oils in the morning and again at night after my shower. Day 22, Day 23, Day 24 passed and my period did not begin until Day 25! When it did come, I felt the cramping was going to be very serious (as usually the case if it holds out that long) and so I used the oils during that first day, four times during the day. When the cramping would start to get a bit serious, I would reapply. I never had to seek the aid of ibuprofen. By Day 2, I was doing very well and needed less application of the oils.

    My daughter's period arrived at the same time. She has had some very serious cramping her last two cycles. I immediately encouraged her to apply the Geranium, Cypress, and/or Clary Sage any time she felt the cramping coming on. Even though, she half teasingly and half serious kept saying to me that the oils wouldn't work, she did as I suggested.

    She experienced the same amazing results and had a cramp-free period. She has since then become a much more serious believer in the essential oils. She excitedly said to me, "I practically forgot I was on my period!" And she took a little vial of the oils around with her wherever she was going so as not to be without them if she needed them.

    Super exciting results!

    If you want to get your hands on certified pure therapeutic grade Geranium and Cypress essential oils, please check out the website These were the oils I used.

    Totally amazing!

  2. Thank you for sharing this with all of us ladies. I have been using Peppermint essential oil for the last couple of times I have had my period and it has helped me a lot.:) I am very happy that I do not have to do anything else.

  3. when you used these oils were they neat or with a carrier oil?

    1. Diane, I used the oils neat. But some people may be more sensitive than others and may need to add a carrier oil.

    2. carrier oils also help the oils to absorb into the tissue more I think its something like a 20
      % increase so it usually use a carrier oil to maximize benefits.


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