Friday, April 18, 2014

Changes Ahead for Essential Oils for Health and Healing

It's been a while since I've posted on here.  Life is complicated and busy.  There is much I want to share, but it is difficult to get enough time to sit down to write and post.  I will continue to do what I can, as I can.

I have made a decision to combine the information of my personal experiences with essential oils and their many uses with another one of my sites.  I have been working on a new site called Feisty 'n Free Naturals where I am posting information about different kinds of natural and health conscious topics along with recipes and instructional videos.  I am also developing a YouTube channel called Feisty 'n Free Naturals where I will post those videos. 

I will keep this site up, but all future posts about essential oils and their many benefits and uses will be posted at Feisty 'n Free Naturals.

Thank you for your understanding, and I hope you'll click over to see what's new at Feisty 'n Free Naturals.

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